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Frequently Asked Question!

Easy Construction Estimates Calculator is a simple program which is Microsoft Excel based. It opens through your Excel 2010 and higher versions.

We have made it very easy to use for you. Easy Construction Estimates Calculator is a very user friendly program. You just have to input datas from your plans like dimensions and areas to get the quantity of materials you need for a specific item in construction.

Our online activation system is now up and working for you. You only need to fill up the form before you activate. Contact us upon receiving or downloading your program so we can give you your activation token.

We encourage you to have it run in Excel 2010 or higher version.

Our program is just a simple program and we cannot afford to have it code signed. It’s expensive to have it excluded in the over all antivirus programs. You can have it scanned with

Most known brands of Antivirus have not detected any threats from our program. We are very proud to say that our program is very safe to use in your pc.


You can have it downloaded again. Just contact your seller to get a new link. 

If your antivirus continues to detect it as virus, please manually exclude the ECEC file from threats list in your antivirus.

Only 1 computer can use this once activated. 

But we understand that you need to work in another computer or laptop from office to personal or vice versa, so we allow you to use it in another pc/laptop. That means you are allowed to use it in 2 computers upon our approval. Just contact us so we can assist you.

All updates are sent through email. We give notice of updates and fixes in our facebook page. TUTSPAMORE

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